Weed Wackers

Looking for the best weed wacker on the market? Read our guide to find the perfect one for your garden 

Weed Wacker

Weed whackers (also referred to as the weed-whip, weed-eater, strimmer, or trimmer) are gardening equipment for the maintenance of lawn. This gardening tool allows you to perform fast and effortless trimming of the yards, most especially, the places where the lawnmowers cannot reach.

You will need a trimmer to maintain an ideal lawn or garden. Consequently, we have collated some of the best weed-eaters you can find in the market. Since many manufacturers are involved in the production of weed eater globally, you will get to see several models with various distinguishing features.

Hence, in this review, we will be revealing some of the best weed eaters – and their brands – that are good bargain in the market. Kindly read to the end for buying guideline as well.

1. Black+Decker LST300

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Blacka + Ddecker LST 300

If you are looking for an economical strimmer, then, the LST300 is your go-to-get option. This model works with a 20V system and runs at a speed of 6500 RPM max. This model is best advised for users whose lawn are without hard or stubborn grasses. The LST300 is made with a 2Ah battery that will allow you to cover a significant part of the job before it runs out of power. Also, this product is made with a POWERDRIVE system as well as an automatic feed system. One unique feature of this model is that it can be set to perform as an edger.

As we mentioned earlier, Decker LST300 is relatively inexpensive considering the fantastic features which it possesses. This model has been considered as one of the cheapest weed whackers available.


  • Low cost of purchase
  • Dual purpose: trimmer and edger
  • Battery last longer
  • 24-month full warranty.


  • An absence of a fast-charge feature
  • Applicable to low-intensity lawn task only
  • Takes a long time to recharge

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2. Tanaka TCG27EBSP

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Tanaka TCG27EBSP

The Tanaka TCG27EBSP is the most advisable weed whacker for commercial duties. It is a heavy-duty strimmer that handles every tough and stubborn grass. The two-stroke engine of a 26.9cc commercial Grade Purefire offers powerful trimming force. Apart from the outstanding performance of this product, it has high durability value and quite economical with the use of fuel. Most people do request for this model due to the special copolymer present in the product; the copolymer helps to reduce the noise to an average level. Specifically, the sound will be alleviated to 111 decibels – a level which is healthy for the ear.

With this model, there is less vibration and more comfortability for the user due to the presence of paddled handles and long shaft. These two features are particularly useful since the model is designed to function for a long time.


  • 24-month user’s warranty
  • High durability value
  • Less nois
  • Long shaft and padded handles
  • Economical with fuel consumption
  • Convenient ignition of the machine


  • Extremely heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Ear protection is recommended.

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The LST136W model is quite useful for the trimming of large lawns. It works with battery power, and consequently, it is effortless to use, light and generate less noise. Also, since it is operational with a battery, it has some specific features that come only with a battery-powered trimmer.

This model is made with a POWERDRIVE transmission that allows the movement of the torque from the 40V motor to the string. Also, it has a POWER COMMAND which will enable users to adjust operational speed between 6500 RPM to 8500 RPM. Consequently, this product can be used on low power for an extended period of work or at high power for a short period.

Another special feature of the Black+Decker LST136W is its fast-charger feature with a 1.5 Ah battery. The fast-charger ensures that the battery is recharged to its full capacity with 2 hours. Due to the presence of an automatic feed system in this product, bumping the trimmer to adjust the string’s length is not necessary. The dual operating system of LST136W allows the equipment’s head to be turned in a vertical direction so as to be used as an edger – another fascinating quality of the model.


  • Possess POWER COMMAND and POWERDRIVE command
  • It is relatively light
  • Generate little noise
  • Possess fast-charge feature
  • Three-year warranty
  • Performs as a trimmer and edge


  • Inadvisable for long period of use

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4. Echo SRM-225 String Trimmer

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Echo SRM-225

Without a doubt, the Echo SRM-225 model is the best gas-powered weed whacker in the market. This model is powerful with a 21.2cc two-stroke engine and weighs 12-pounds. One of the special qualities of this product is that it can trim any grass or weed regardless of their length.

This model has a sturdy construction and easy to use. It is built with a dual string and 59-inch shaft. The bump feed system ensures that it performs a perfect operation. The gas-powered engine of this model uses a 14.9 ounce of fuel capacity. While working, it throws debris around despite its deflector shield – a sign of great operation. Hence, it is best advised to use a safety goggle while using the machine.


  • Astonishing 5-year warranty
  • High durability
  • Operates for several hours with ease
  • Easy ignition
  • Low transmission of vibrations to users due to some features


  • Very costly Expensive components
  • Can easily slip on slightly wet slopes
  • Possible engine cut out on some occasions

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5. Toro 51978

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Toro 51978

This model is the most recommended option for people that want a trimmer with a moderate level of vibration. Due to the sophisticated features made with the model, it functions without transferring excess vibration to the operator. You can be sure of comfortability and easy use while using this product.

The Toro 51978 offers great operation as it can cut through dense vegetation without losing balance and rigidity. This model will eat through an 18-inch grass path easily and a 44-inch shaft. Hence, it works effectively in bushes, behind trees, and difficult areas.

Some people do choose the Toro 51978 due to its ability to work with the accessories of other trimmers and without losing its warranty. This advantage is particularly useful for people who already have the accessories in store.

The heavy weight of this model is its only downside as it weighs 12.5 pounds which is enough to cause fatigue during prolonged use. Hence, it is advisable to use a neck strap to reduce the effect of the weight if you will be working on a large yard with Toro 51978.


  • Relatively less noise
  • Low vibrations
  • Powerful to cut through 18-inch path
  • Sturdy during operation
  • Can use accessories of other trimmers.


  • Quite heavy
  • Causes fatigue
  • The length of the shaft may stress tall individuals

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Categories of Weed Whackers

Weed-whackers can be categorized into three based on their sources of power, and they are as follows.

Gas Powered Weed Whackers

A gas-powered weed-eater is the most advisable option for cutting on a large yard. The reason is that it has no limit to its length of operation and can be used in every field. Also, gas-powered weed whackers can be easily obtained in the market as it is the most common among the kinds of weed-eaters. The high availability of gas-powered trimmers means that there are several options of this product in the market; however, it is best advised to choose one with an adjustable handle. Also, you will find a product with translucent tank handy for gauging of fuel.

Possibly, you will see gas-powered weed-eaters with two engines or four engines in the market. However, the two-cycle engine is the most common, cheap and uses a mixture of oil and gasoline. Majority of the gas-powered trimmers do generate noise while working; hence, it is encouraged to apply ear protection for convenient use.

Corded – Electric String Trimmer

For some homeowners, a corded weed-eater can be the best option, particularly for people with small yards below 100 feet. This product is usually made with a short cord; hence, the use of long extension cord may be required.

The corded-electric string trimmer is the cheapest among the three categories of Weed Whackers. One special advantage of this category is that it can be used for a very long time without charging or refueling of gas.

Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Although the price of a battery-powered string weed-eater is a bit higher compared to the gas-powered trimmers; however, its performance is worthy of the cost. People with a large yard will find trimmers, within this category, quite useful. One of the advantages of a battery-powered string trimmer is that it performs efficiently without releasing emissions, unlike the gas-powered trimmers.

Battery-powered string trimmer generates relatively low noise during operation and possesses easy ignition. That aside, it requires little maintenance while the battery can be purchased from similar brands with ease. When the battery is fully charged, a battery-powered string trimmer can work for a half-hour and can be recharged within one hour.

On a final note, with this review on the best weed-whackers, their pros and cons as well as their categories, hopefully, it will guide your decision-making in getting the most suitable weed-eater for you and your yard.

Always remember that several factors can influence the best option of weed whacker for your yard. Take note of the yard’s size, cutting frequency and price before settling for a particular trimmer.

It is recommended to use an electric weed whacker or a battery-powered weed whacker for a small yard while a gas-powered weed-eater is the most advisable for a large yard that demands regular cutting.