Best Riding Lawn Mowers

If you’ve got to mow the grass, you might as well do it the easy way. Check these riding lawn mowers and cruise along your lwan in style

Riding lawn mower

Riding mowers can be an exciting adventure while making your lawn appealing more than ever. Lawnmowers with full useful features even make the task easier, faster and better. And after enjoying a nice stroll on your mower, you still get to see a thumbs up from your family for a job well done.

If you would like to get a mower that can make lawn mowing easy and effective as described, then you will find your answer herein.  A list of the quickest, most versatile, and sophisticated lawn mowers that will perform a great job regardless of your lawn size, environment, or terrain difficulties has been collated here for you to choose from. Let’s proceed:

1. Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP


Husqvarna YTH24V48

The first quality lawn mower on our list is the Husqvarna 24 HP Yard Tractor. This model is impressive with a 48-inch cutting deck. You can expect excellent performance with its 24 horsepower engine and hydrostatic pedal transmission which offers smooth, stress-free changes between speeds and reversals.

Also, this model is made with cruise control which allows the mower to undertake more strenuous work than usual. The three electric blade engagement make sure that you can enjoy a consistent and effective lawn cutting in a different environment.


  • Nimble and convenient steering
  • High power
  • Balanced cutting
  • A decade-warranty on deck shell


  • Difficult to read fuel gauge
  • Difficult access to the oil and fuel filters


2. Cub Cadet XT1 LT42


Cub Cadet XT1 LT42

The Poulan pro Automatic has a similar size to the Husqvarna model mentioned earlier; however, it is more sophisticated with 18 HP Kohler 5400 Series Engine e that will perform exceptionally on small to medium-sized lawns. The engine offers high performance, better reliability value and it is quite handy in tricky lawn conditions.

You can be sure of consistent airflow and prevention of dirt, grime or grass accumulation due to the 42-inch reinforced and floating vented deck mounted on this model. This product is made with six different cutting positions; consequently, you have different options to cut several kinds of grass evenly. This option is particularly useful for mowing your neighbor’s lawn or any other grass apart from your house lawn. However, do take note that extremely long grasses can be difficult for this model to handle.


  • Ergonomic controls and pedals.
  • Easy assemblage
  • A decade shell warranty.


  • Clogging challenges with higher grass


3. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch


Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch

While this model is not as big or powerful as the previously mentioned mowers, it remains as a handy little mower that works effectively for moderately sized lawn in your house. With the small size of this model, it is quite easy to maintain, control and handle than the big size products. It is made with an 18-inch turning radius which curbs cautious reversal that can make you end up in a flower patch. Also, it has a 30-inch cutting deck offering a sufficiently wide range to increase the mowing performance. The five cutting setting, which can be adjusted, offers versatility and different options based on the lawn situation and the season.


  • Small size for easy storage
  • Affordable price with excellent gas mileage
  • Perfect for medium-sized lawns
  • Soft-grip wheel and convenient mid-back seat


  • Difficult to handle in unbalanced terrain
  • It may take some time to get accustomed to its brake and clutch combination


The basis of our Riding lawn mower selection

Currently, several quality riding mowers are available in the market; hence, we have decided to pick out the very best among the rest. It is not our culture to suggest what we cannot use as a person for our client. Therefore, rather than choosing just any riding mower that comes our way, we have considered several factors which have aid our decision-making to collate a list of the most useful and sophisticated models among others. These factors are as follows.

Brand: while several brands offer different models, not every brand can provide the most useful product that will serve YOUR need. Surely, brand loyalty does exist which is why most of these brands are famous and successful. However, we don’t recommend that you should show loyalty to a single brand, just because, it’s the same brand that you have always used or their new model is the same as the previous one.

Despite technology advancements, some brands are still reluctant to change their design and technique of production while some latest, and mostly the less famous brands, will be more willing to take their chance with innovations. If you resolve to consider these innovations, it may turn out to be a significantly handy mower for your lawn.

Also, our research was performed comprehensively on different brands so that almost everyone gets a model from their favorite brand compared to others who will focus on one or two manufacturers – which could result in denying you of some excellent products that you know little about.

Cost: we understand the impact of price so much that we conducted a small survey among workers on how much they are willing to pay for a riding lawn mower. Surprisingly, the average expected price of a specific product was significantly lesser than what we found out. Especially for models with a rear engine location. Without a doubt, the cost of a riding lawn mower can be a huge investment; however, with the durability and versatility of your options, it can become a worthy bargain.

That aside, it is understandable that the budget of everyone differs, and it can limit their options. Hence, we have highlighted various models with different prices, yet, with high performance. We are convinced that our list of riding mowers is fair and includes models which are affordable regardless of your budgets and needs.

Lawn size: the size of the lawn you will be cutting is a significant factor to consider before you will purchase a riding lawn mower. Some of our selected riding mowers are useful for smaller lawns and gardens while others are suitable for larger areas with hills. While considering the purchase of a riding lawnmower, in most cases, people will want to search for a model that will be large enough to mow their lawn completely with one full fuel tank – or charge if you will be using electric model or hybrid. Nevertheless, ensure that it is small enough to handle, store and maintain.

Since there is hardly any owner with football-sized lawn, hence, there is no reason to settle for an industrial-sized riding mower. Although, we are aware that you must have a considerable lawn to mow for you to be looking for a riding mower; however, it is not necessary to settle for a large mower. Instead, a model that will save you time, fuel, space and serve your need is your go-to-get option.