Best Push Lawn Mowers

We’ve put together a list of the best push mowers to make your lawn care so much easier and convenient

Push Lawn Mower

If you have a yard that is less than an acre and you want to maintain your grass, the best option is a push mower. The choice of the best mower on the market is not as easy as it may seem. The ability of the mower to navigate through the lawn gives it a competitive edge over others-unless you have a flat terrain as opposed to uneven terrain. Inexpensive lawn mowers will engage you in little exercise but will spare your bank. You have to control its direction to maintain a clean and tidy cut. However, it has its propeller which reduces the energy it drains while pushing.

It is essential to note that gas mowers are the best for more significant chunks of lawns while electric mowers will do better on small and flat yards. The corded electric mower is a silent cutter, but it does not do a thorough job on tall and thick grass. On the other hand, a gas lawn mower is excellent on overgrown grass, but you have to put up with the noise and gas odor. Because of its heavy duties, the gas lawn mower especially with electric start needs more maintenance and frequent replacements of some parts. Read on further for the full buying guide.

1.GreenWorks 25022


GreenWorks 25022

Not everything that comes with a small budget will give you limited services. The GreenWorks 25022 is light, and you will not have to break your bank to purchase one. It gives you the option to mulch, bag or discharge clippings. It is electric powered thus quiet and easy to maintain. The blade of the machine is 20 inches, and a 12-amp motor powers it. Its weight can be pushed with minimum effort.

Depending on your height, the mower has 7-position adjustability for varied options of grass cutting heights. The GreenWorks 25022 has foldable handles to reduce the amount of storage space occupied. The weight of the machine is slightly above 55lbs which is easy to load into a track. You will be able to navigate through your flower beds without disturbing them.


  • It is lightweight.
  • 3-in-1 performance.
  • Small to navigate through your lawn.
  • Cheaper than most mowers.
  • Clean cut.


2. EGO Power+ LM2001-X 56V


EGO Power LM2001

This is a battery-powered mower that has a 90-minute cut time. If you don’t want to use a lot of energy, but you can dig your pocket deeper, this machine suits you. It is not self-propelled, but it is easy to push. The mower occupies limited space because it is foldable and you can keep it upright. Another advantage of the EGO Power+ + LM2001-X 56V is the enclosure of its parts that enable it to operate in all weathers.

The machine will also do your tall or thick grass well though you may need a few passes to make a clean cut. If you want a quiet device or you could be allergic to the smell of gas, an EGO Power will serve you. It gives you high power close to that of a gas mower, and it is also easy to maintain.


  • Rapid charging system.
  • Easy to push.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • High power output.
  • Easy to store.


3. Sun Joe MJ401E


Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe MJ401E is an electric mower that uses a 12-amp motor to give your lawn a clean cut. It has a maximum extension of 100 meters. The machine is ideal for small yards of less than a third of an acre. It uses a button to start which is easy to press. The mower has a compact design and small wheels that makes it ideal for maneuvering in your yard. The size is perfect if you have limited storage space.

It has 3-position adjustability to give your grass the desired height. Its collection bag is fitted in the rear part, and it is easily detachable for easy disposal of clippings. The mower can be used in all terrains due to its ability to navigate through obstacles. The lightweight is also comfortable to push even in hilly yards. The machine is also a fast cutter, and it will bring your grass to size within minutes.


  • Easy assemblage and use
  • Super-responsive engine
  • Great cutting capability and smooth drive
  • Easy to move around trees and rocks Relatively cheap


4. GreenWorks 25302 G-MAX


GreenWorks 25302

It’s a dual battery mower for mowing large yards. It has an automatic power or runtime adjustability depending on the thickness of the grass. The primary battery of the machine pulls power from the secondary battery to prevent any downtime. It has two blades that help in mowing the lawn to a clean and neat table. It has wheels with varying diameters to ease the maneuverability of the tool. It has an easy push button to start off.

The machine has 5-position adjustability to level your grass to the desired height. The machine has a 1-hour runtime but the twin fast speed blades will mow a considerable size of lawn. The device is an excellent mulcher with the option of a rear bag if you want to collect the clippings. The mower has a voltage indicator that helps you estimate the runtime to prevent any unexpected power shortage.


  • Dual battery for longer runtime
  • Dual and fast blades that guarantee a clean cut
  • It is lightweight
  • Silent and powerful


5. Husqvarna 961450021 HU800AWDH


Husqvarna HU800AWDH

This is a self-propelled gas machine that gives you the option to mulch, bag or discharge your clippings. It has 3-position adjustable handle that you will set according to your height for maximum comfort while pushing. The mower has a Honda GCV190 190cc 4 cycle engine that is simple to start. The Husqvarna 961450021 HU800AWDH  has a variable drive system that allows you to control the mower at your own pace. It has a lever that helps you to cut your grass to the desired height.

The machine has a washout port that facilitates cleaning of the cutting deck to remove dirt and stuck grass. The front wheels are 8 inches while the rear ones are 3 centimeters wider giving the tool excellent maneuverability on the lawn. The mower has enough power to cut thick and tall grass in a single or two passes. The machine is ideal for large-sized mowers.


  • Heavy duty machine.
  • Has a long runtime.
  • 3-in-1 mower.
  • Adjustable handle.


6. Poulan Pro 961120134 Hi-Wheel


Poulan Pro 961120134

This is a compact package that uses Briggs and Stratton 140cc engine. The machine has high rolling rear wheels that ease maneuverability across the terrain. It offers mulching and discharge capabilities to nourish your lawn with nutrients from decayed organic matter. It has a 5.00 ft-lb gross torque for easy starting and excellent power output. The mower is an economical fuel consumer which makes it ideal for savers who need high power output.

The machine is also easy to assemble, and within minutes it will be running. It will even start off with a single pull. It is one of the few gas lawn mowers that you can quickly load onto a truck. You will also part with a few dollars compared to prices of most fuel-powered mowers. It will easily navigate through your level or hilly terrain.


  • It is a light gas mower.
  • Clean mowing.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Fast mowing.


What to Look For When Buying a Push Mower

A machine is not just like any other as most clueless buyers believe when making a purchase. You need to select that which satisfies your needs without having to break your bank. Depending on the condition of your lawn, you may have to part with a few more coins to get the top mower on the market

Cutting deck

The size of its cutting deck (cutting width) determines the ability or output of your machine. The bigger the size, the larger the acreage of lawn it can do. The power source is an essential factor in determining size installed on your machine. Push reel lawn mower machines have the smallest size while petrol mowers have the largest cutting decks. Your storage facility is also essential in choosing the size of a deck. If you have limited space, it is advisable to select small-sized decks not to take a lot of space.

If you have ample storage facility, you can consider big decks. What is the amount of time you want to spend cutting your grass? If you have limited time, you should choose a mower that will do your lawn in minutes. The size is a determinant of the total output of a machine in an hour. Probably you want to spend most of your time tending your grass; then a reel mower with a small deck and a clean cut will suit you.


The mowers will require your strength to push. Therefore, you need a machine that is considerate to avoid excess fatigue while working. The lightest mowers are in the reel category while petrol machines are the heaviest. However, you require little energy to propel a gas mower compared to a reel mower. The wheels of lawn mowers ease the work of pushing the machine. You should exercise caution because a powerful mower has sharp and pointed parts which can injure you.

When loading your device into a truck to mow a lawn which could be some distance from your home, you should be cautious. Mowers weigh less than a hundred pounds which makes it easy to maneuver it from one place to another if need be.


Mowers have three ways to dispose of the grass clippings: rear bagging, mulching, and discharge. You should purchase your machine considering how you intend to use the cuttings. However, most manufacturers provide the three options in a single tool to allow you use the powerful mower in different fields.

When you want to keep your lawn clean or plan to use the grass clippings elsewhere, you could opt for the bag.

Mulching is used when you want the grass clippings to decay and improve the soil fertility. After looking at the factors, you should consider when purchasing a lawn mower, we can go through some of the best options.

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