Best Rear Engine Riding Mower of 2019 – Top 4 Picks & Reviews

Do you have a small storage area or narrow gates and yard for maneuver? Rear engine lawn mower will be a perfect choice in this case

Best rear engine riding mower

You’ve finally gotten your dream house, with your dream garden then you realize that having a perfectly cut green grass isn’t as easy as you thought. You understand what I’m talking about here, right

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Troy-Bilt TB30 R
Premium Choice
Ryobi RM480E
Value for Money
Craftsman R100

Yes, I dream of both big and small things including the dream color of my lawn, the scent of the plant in my garden, the grass height, and many more. Also, I dream of how I’ll go about in taking care of my lawn, how I’ll make it perfect to suit my taste because I’ve realized that the more work i put in taking care of my lawn, then the greater the satisfaction I’ll derive from it.

All of this has make me to understand that the task of keeping a lawn in a beautiful and perfect condition can be difficult if one don’t have access to the right tools especially when you have a big yard.

That’s why I’ve compiled this buying guide that’ll help you in choosing the best rear engine riding lawn mower to  keep your lawn in a beautiful and perfect condition that suits your taste.

What is a rear engine riding lawn mower?

This is a riding mower that have the engine located at the rear and it’s built for homeowners who have medium sized lawns or lack the budget, maintenance or the storage space to keep a front engine lawn mower.

Benefits of rear engine riding lawnmower

  • You become less exposed to gas fumes and allows you to breath in freely since the fumes isn’t coming directly towards the driver.
  • It’s easy to clean and assemble together. Also, you can easily sharpen the blades and lubricate the wheels.
  • You can easily steer and maneuver around your lawns and through shrubs and flower beds.
  • It’s easy to store and maintain.

1. Ryobi RM480E – Best for the Environment


Ryobi RM480E Battery operated riding mower

Ryobi is renowned for its specialization in the production of affordable outdoor products and power tools, which makes it the choice of many professionals and homeowners, who are value conscious and Ryobi RM480E is also not an exception.

This battery operated fully electric riding lawnmower is highly efficient and perfect for homeowners who want an easy to maintain and pollution free tool. Ryobi RM480E is fun to drive and easy to maneuver in tight spaces and corners due to its high-quality turning point of about 16 inches making it the perfect lawnmower for the elderly and disabled.

Its big brushless motor powers the blades on the bottom instead of belts, which allows you to mow quietly without using an earplug or disturbing the neighborhood. You can mow up to 2 acres thanks to its cost-effective battery that requires about 12 hours to charge 100%.


  • Engine: 2 Direct Drive (beltless) Brushless Blade Motors
  • Cutting width: 38″
  • Height of Cut: 1.5 – 4.5″
  • Battery capacity: 75Ah


  • Battery operated
  • Quiet mode of operation
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Environmental friendly


  • It’s not ideal for mowing on steep hills


2. Troy-Bilt TB30 R – Best for Fast and Accurate Cuts


Troy-Bilt TB30 R

This neighborhood friendly riding lawnmower allows you to mow your lawn stress-free thanks to the location of the engine at the back. It can reach a top speed of 4.25 MPH, which makes it the perfect riding lawnmower for the quick mowing of large yards. Also you can easily maneuver it around shrubs and flower beds plus also store it in your garage or tool sheds after usage. It will perfectly and effortlessly cut thick grass without showing the lines thereby making the lawn look consistent and you don’t need to worry about constant clogs during the process.


  • Engine: Troy-Bilt OHV, 382 cc
  • Cutting width: 30″
  • Height of Cut: 1.4″ – 4″
  • Tank Capacity: 1.3 gallon


  • Beginner friendly
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to clean after usage


  • Shifting from forward to reverse seems a bit difficult.
  • It doesn’t work best on slopes.
  • It doesn’t come with a headlight.


3. Craftsman R100 – Best for Small Yards


Craftsman R100

Craftsman R100 is a small size lawnmower that’s easy to operate even in a small opening. You can easily start and maneuver it especially on a flat surface when mowing making it less stressful to use. Its small turn radius allows you to easily maneuver around plant and trees, but you’ll have to put extra effort into cutting the weeds so as to make it more accurate. Its speed options and powerful engine makes it easy to mow hilly areas without damaging the already mowed areas.


  • Engine: Craftsman, 382 cc
  • Cutting width: 30″
  • Height of Cut: 1.75″ and 3.75″
  • Tank Capacity : 1.5 gallon


  • Easy to clean after usage
  • 6-speed gear transmission
  • Small size and weight


  • Cutting on sharp turns isn’t accurate
  • Cannot mow in reverse
  • Loud sound


4. Snapper RE130 – Best for Clean Cuts


Snapper RE130

Snapper RE130 is a high-quality and outstanding riding lawnmower that gives you comfort and better visibility when mowing. It allows you to mow even cut on long grass by easily dispersing off clippings thanks to its Hi-Vac system that keeps the air flow throughout its operation.

With its powerful Briggs and Stratton engine, you’ll be able to mow faster and efficiently. Also, it’s minimum turning point of 20 inches allows you to maneuver around your lawn.


  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton , 550 cc
  • Cutting width: 33″
  • Height of Cut: 1,5″ – 4″
  • Tank Capacity : 2 gallon


  • Reverse mode for mowing
  • Seat gives you enough support
  • 33 inches mowing deck


  • Heavyweight, which makes turning a bit difficult
  • Not ideal for lawns with many sharp turns


How to choose the best rear engine riding lawn mower

When shopping for a high-quality rear engine riding lawn mower, there are several factors that should be considered so as to find the best option for your lawn. Below are feature to look for in order to choose the best rear engine riding lawnmower.

The cutting mode

When buying a riding lawnmower, you should first consider which mode you’ll use for cutting. So selecting a riding lawnmower that cuts best in the mode that you’re going to use frequently

Zero turn radius: In situations where you’ve a lot of trees or obstacles on a flat lawn, a zero turn riding lawnmower is best suited for mowing this type of lawn. This is because they’re faster and easier to maneuver, however these feature has their own downside as well, such as inability to operate them on hilly or sloppy areas.

The transmission

This deals with the transmission of power to wheels from the engine, which allows the mower to go forward or backward. Riding lawn mower are categorized into three different types, which are automatic, manual or gear driven, and hydrostatic.

The automatic riding mower is smoothly to operate which makes it highly efficient for both hilly/sloppy and flat terrain. While the gear or manual driven riding lawnmower can be more awkward or jerky to use making it unsuited to hilly or sloppy areas and terrain dotted by trees and obstacles.

Hydrostatic riding lawnmower use fluid pressure to drive the wheels and allows you to easily switch between forward-reverse mode due to its dual pedal feature.

The Seat

Since you’ll be spending hours sitting down in your riding lawnmower while mowing a large yard, it’s best to choosing a high-back seat that gives you comfort as oppose to low-back seat so as to avoid back pain. But a low-back seat can be used to mow a small size yard since you won’t be spending hours sitting in the riding lawnmower.

The steering wheel

Select a steering wheel that’s comfortable with a good soft grip.

The mower deck

If you’ve a big yard to mow or you prefer quick mowing of your lawn, then choosing a riding lawnmower with big deck size will help you mow your lawn faster. But in situations where you’ve a gated yard or narrow space between retaining walls or you’re short on storage, then a lawnmower with a smaller deck will make sense for you.

The gas tanks

If you’re mowing a large yard, choosing a riding lawnmower with a big gas tank will help you avoid running out of gas far from your shed or house. But a small yard has no problem with gas tank.

Important tips for regular lawn mowing in your garden

  • Implement the habit of mowing your lawn regularly particularly during the winter period (at least once a week).
  • Avoid stepping on the uncut surface of the lawn because lowered grass will not be well mowed.
  • Set a cutting height for your lawn.
  • Don’t use the lawnmower in wet conditions to prevent uneven cuts