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Push or Ride: Choose the Right Mower for Your Lawn

Technological innovations have transformed the tools used to beautify our surroundings. Many different types of lawn mowing equipment are now available, with both electrical and battery power capabilities. Every of these modern lawn movers however come with their peculiar merits and demerits.

There are several factors to be considered in selecting the right lawn mower for your use. Some of them are your yard’s dimension (size), the topography (steep or rocky), hurdles and bends. Your budget is also important likewise, how much energy you intend to expend. Your preference will determine how low the grass will get, so you should find out this detail while before getting a mower..

 It is worthy of note that adopting a regular maintenance culture keeps your mower in good shape. The mower’s blades should be kept as sharp as possible to avoid damage to the machine, and turf grasses. Wounded blades of grass have challenges with photosynthesis, making your lawn look unhealthy,brown and unattractive. Thus, your availability and ability to pay for regular maintenance of your mower will determine how expensive and/or rugged your choice will be, to ensure optimum performance of your equipment. Some of the mower types are discussed in this article.

Push Lawn Mowers

One of the major factors to consider in choosing a push mower is the size of your yard. The topography, how many trees and other obstacles you need to go around, and the physical demands on whoever is mowing the lawn should also be considered. Push mowers prove perfect for yards with sizes between 1/2 and 1/4 acre. The mower deck is between 20-22 inches, the perfect span of size for swift and efficient beautification of lawns. If you are in great shape, this may be an avenue to cut down spending when shopping for a mower.

Push Lawn Mower

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

A zero turn lawn mower is a lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero (that makes sense) . Generally these are characterized by having two levers in the place of a steering wheel that control wheel motors on each of the back wheels. These independent wheel motors allow the mower to turn on a dime, or maneuver around obstacles quickly and efficiently. It allows them to quickly and easily maneuver in tight spaces as well as the agility to avoid obstacles that would be an impedance to more traditional mowers.  With that in mind, there here a lot of reasons why you should consider one for your yard.

Riding Lawn Mowers

This class proves to be the best bet for people with a massive land area to mow. Some models have attachments made to collect cut grass, some have capabilities for mulching, while others combine both features. The tractor variants possess the capacity to use various accessories like plows to pack snow in winter, trailers to pull feed for livestock, or other implements necessary to plow the garden in your compound. Some riding lawn mowers also have attachments that pack leaves and fixtures that can grind the leaves to produce manure. To increase precision and ensure a stress-free cut around trees and tall plants, pick this type of mower.

Riding lawn mower
Weed Wacker

Weed Wackers

Weed wackers are among of the top lawn care tools to stock if you desire a well maintained yard. It is adept for trimming grass, thin brushes and unwanted plants, and in areas of your yard that are difficult for bigger tools to reach. They can be powered by either of battery, electricity or gas. Design-wise, weed wackers share many similarities, having a setup that includes an extended handle, handle-mounted motor or engine to ensure balance, and line made of single filament placed in front. This user-friendly design increases ease of reaching areas no matter their distance, without compromising balance. No matter the type you eventually choose, you are certain to enjoy several benefits from their use.